There's a better way to motivate yourself.

You can wake up excited to work every day - without guilt, pressure, or self-coercion.

  • Enjoy Your Work

    I don't believe in the puritan ideal of work that's hard being better.  I teach how to make hard work easy.

  • Be More Productive

    There's no fundamental tradeoff between enjoyment and productivity.  I believe in just a couple hours anyone can learn to be more productive and less stressed.

  • Transform Your Relationship With Yourself

    When you no longer feel the need to berate yourself to be productive, you develop a natural self-love.  Imagine walking around with a small crush on yourself 24/7.

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Non-Coercive Motivation

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The Intentional Podcast

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The Procrastination Database

Hundreds of productivity techniques rated by effectiveness.

13 Apps To

Triple Your Focus

Read the report, download the apps, triple your focus.


It's that simple.

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