An Intensive 8-Week Personal Mentorship Program with exact blueprints, algorithms, and strategies to Overcome Your Procrastination, Guaranteed.

  • Even if you have ADD or ADHD.

  • Even if you're stressed and anxious about Coronavirus.

  • Even if you're a lifelong procrastinator.

The Procrastination Playbook is the tested, step-by-step, 8-week program to identify your procrastination type, rewire your motivation system, rapidly learn new skills and strategies, and ultimately, beat procrastination for good, so you can focus on the things that matter.


The Procrastination Playbook is loaded with video lessons, step-by-step action guides, guided audios – not to mention weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with some of the best coaches in the business.


Most importantly, you’ll have a network and accountability structure of other focused, passionate students who are working together to defeat procrastination.



What makes the 

Procrastination Playbook different?

Address Procrastination at the Roots

Learn how coercive motivation creates procrastination, and exactly how to motivate yourself in a non-coercive way.

Learn Specific Cognitive Strategies (Not "Hacks")

Learn the step by step movements to take your mind through that motivate you in a positive way.

Heal Your Underlying Emotions

Our coaches will use specific emotional processing techniques each week to address your underlying patterns.

Take a look at the 3 people below...

When they started, they were normal procrastinators, unable to work outside the structure of a traditional office. But when they applied these powerful techniques, here’s what happened:

I've been into self-improvement for over 20 years, and I've tried plenty of systems to help with my productivity.


The Procrastination Playbook is the best system I've come across for tackling productivity. It doesn't just share unrelated hacks, but engineers a completely new systematic approach.

Justin Shovelain

Founder, Convergence Analysis

My life has transitioned from 18 hour/day Youtube escapism to 18 hours of productive effort. I don’t think I could have achieved this turnaround without Matt’s course. 

Melody Braithwaite

Painter & Artist

Before the Procrastination Playbook, it always felt like hard work, like I was felt like I was letting myself down and not achieving what I wanted to do.


Now I feel much ‘freer’. I have a belief that I can achieve what I want to do, and a clearer idea what those goals and values are.

Elisse Higginbotham


Compare those amazing results to the typical excuses I hear...

  • I have ADHD, procrastination is just part of how my brain works.

  • I’ve tried everything, I should just accept that I need more structure than my current situation provides.

  • I get too distracted by the internet. If it wasn’t for that I would be laser-focused.

  • I’ll read that book, or take that course tomorrow. Right now I need to focus on catching up on my work.

What is the difference between the people who make excuses...

and the people who are able to overcome procrastination?

The excuse-makers think they need to do it on their own. They think if they just have more willpower, or fewer distractions, they’ll succeed. They think that if they just push themselves a little harder, it will all work out.


The people who ultimately overcome procrastination, like those above, do things differently. They create a structure that makes it impossible to fail, by using coaches, accountability buddies, and a supportive community. They realize that focus is a skill, and train themselves step-by-step, instead of making ad-hoc changes. They understand the reason for their procrastination, and attack the root causes, instead of treating the symptoms.


They take control of their own mental habits, and as a result, they’ll reap the benefits for the rest of their lives


This story is embarrassing.

(But it has a happy ending!)

Hi, I’m Matt. As a lifelong procrastinator, I’ve always struggled to work outside of a rigid structure like an office environment. 10 years ago, I dropped out of college due to my procrastination,  😳 and that sent my on a journey to learn how to finally overcome it.


Since that time, I read more than a hundred books covering the subject from different angles, I went to workshops, and worked with coaches. I tried all sorts of various “solutions” to overcome my procrastination:

  • I tried blocking software, to prevent me from going to certain websites.
  • ​I tried accountability buddies to check in with me.
  • ​I tried various checklist and calendaring systems like GTD and Time Blocking.
  • ​I tried bets and monetary incentives so I would actually lose money if I procrastinated!
  • ​I tried positive self-talk and changing my inner world.

The truth is, no matter what I tried, nothing worked long term. It might work for a day, or a week, or even a month, but eventually I’d slip back into old habits.


Then, about two years ago, I had a breakthrough.


I found something called The Experiential Array, which allowed me to do was break down all human abilities into a set of simple components that allow anyone to INTERNALIZE them (I break down the array in the workshop).


 It allowed me to take all the tools, techniques and processes I had learned over the past 10 years, and break them down into their component parts. I could immediately find out what was missing, that, once added, would allow me to internalize the skill. 


Then I simply had to go find someone with the skill, ask them about the missing piece, and add it to the array.  


Almost immediately, things started to shift for me.

As I started to use the tools and insights I had gained, I no longer found myself in that “yoyo pattern” where things would only work for a little while. Instead, as I learned each of the tools from The Experential Array. I gradually shifted from a procrastinator to the productive person I had always dreamed of being.


And it was at that point I realized:

“I have to share this with others.”


None of the dozens of books, coaches, or workshops I had used in the past 10 years had quite put together the pieces like I had, and others deserved access to this material.


After hundreds of hours of iteration with people one-on-one, I finally developed a set of tools that worked for everyone I tried them with.  


I could, within just a few weeks, make the same transformation in people that it had taken me 10 years to make.


I ended up with a series of 8 repeatable lessons that worked for everyone.


And it's those lesson's that I teach in the Procrastination Playbook.

Apply Now.


Now You Can

Pay What You Want

At the end of each week, simply ask yourself what the course was worth to you, and what you can afford, then pay that amount!

How will this program help you?

You’ll learn how to overcome the 8 causes of procrastination and focus on what matters.

Module 1 - Prevent Pressure

  • The 4 questions you can use to immediately remove the feeling of pressure.

  • Mark Twain's secret to enjoying tasks that you used to loathe.

  • The 3 skills you need to replace with pressure with playfulness.

  • The 7 steps you need to accept anything.

Prevent Pressure

If you frequently find yourself feeling pressured or stressed because of the work you have to do, this module is for you. 


After you complete module one, you’ll know how to shift from that pressured, stressed feeling, to a sense of empowered playfulness.

Module 2 - Make Motivation

  • The difference between desire and resolve, how it helps you make motivation out of thin air.

  • The 4 step process to go from forcing yourself to wanting to work.

  • How to find the perfect balance that makes work fun.​

  • Why accountability buddies always fail, and what works instead.



If you often find yourself unmotivated and unexcited for work, this module is for you. 


This module will show you the correct way to pull yourself towards your goals and desires, now that you’ve stopped using the self defeating mechanism of pressuring yourself.

Module 3 – Overcome Overwhelm​

  • How to immediately reduce overwhelm with a single sticky note.

  • The simple repeatable pattern that will turn overwhelm into calm.

  • A 3 minute technique that can help you tackle even the most overwhelming projects.

  • How to stop being overwhelmed by things you can’t change.

Overcome Overwhelm

If you often find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work you have to do, this module is for you. 


After completing this module, you’ll find yourself shifting from a sense of overwhelm and unsure, to a calm assuredness.

Module 4 – Defeat Indecision​

  • How to tell when you’re using indecision as an excuse, and what to do about it.

  • Why most indecision can be solved in a matter of moments, and the repeatable strategy to do so.

  • The 4 step flowchart to escape analysis paralysis.

  • The 3 questions that can immediately clarify how to make a decision.



If you find yourself often procrastinating because you can’t choose what to work on, this module is for you. 


After completing this module, you'll be an assured, decisive person who knows what they want in every situation.

Module 5 – Abolish Aversion​

  • The 3 techniques that allow you to understand where your emotional aversions come from.

  • How to almost instantly change your limiting beliefs, using a series of simple questions.

  • When aversions might be useful, and how to avoid procrastination without getting yourself into trouble.

  • The scientific principle that allows you to quickly change how you feel about a topic.



If you find yourself avoiding particular activities like answering emails or doing paperwork, this module is for you. 


After completing this module, you’ll have a deep understanding of your psychology, and the ability to introspect on what is holding you back from certain activities, as well as the tools needed to abolish those aversions.

Module 6 – Delete Distraction​

  • The simple mind clearing technique that can drastically reduce the chance you’ll get distracted.

  • The one piece of software that can dramatically reduce your time spent uselessly browsing the internet (plus, why you’ve probably been using blocking software all wrong)

  • What’s going on in your brain when you get distracted, and how you can use distraction to fight procrastination.

  • The 3 places that you can stop distraction before it starts.

Defeat Indecision

If you find yourself often getting distracted by your phone, computer, or anything else, this module is for you. 


After completing this module, you’ll have a game plan to deal with distraction at any point.

Module 7 – Fix Fear of Failure, Solve Self-Sabotage and Patch Perfectionism

  • Why trying your best is causing you to procrastinate, and how to half-ass it with everything you’ve got,

  • The five-step process to make your perfectionism work for you, instead of working for it.

  • The ancient stoic process to never fear failure again.

  • 3 steps to understand and overcome self-sabotage.

Fix Fear of Failure, Solve Self-Sabotage and Patch Perfectionism

If you find yourself procrastinating right when you’re about to finish something, creating standards for yourself that you can’t possibly meet, or making mistakes right when you’re about to succeed, this module is for you. 


You’ll learn how to properly handle fear of failure, and work through your own self-sabotaging behavior.

Module 8 – Integrate Intentionality

  • The 3 step process to actually learn from your mistakes.

  • How to fundamentally change who you are on a deep psychological level.

  • How to quickly and easily change how you feel.

  • How to making being productive a habit.

Defeat Indecision

If you find yourself oftentimes getting into unproductive states like laziness, boredom, or depression, this module is for you. 


After completing this module, you’ll know how to instantly snap yourself out of unintentional states, and develop a productive self-concept.

What exactly is include with each module?

Every week, you’ll focus on one new skill to overcome procrastination.


Each week, you’ll be presented with:


  • A produced video lesson with:
    • The exact beliefs to take on.
    • The exact strategies and habits to overcome your problem.
    • A series of exercises to practice to make the habits second nature.
    • A set of suggestions for ways to change your environment to help support your new habit change.
  • Hypnosis audio sessions to further help you install your new strategies.
  • 30 minutes (every week) of one-on-one coaching from a world-class coach, helping you install your new habits and overcome. 
  • strategy and support session with your peers who are also going through the course.
  • weekly hotseat every week where we take one person and talk about their week, using emotional processing techniques to help overcome their issues with the program and procrastination. 
  • cheat sheet you can print out, with one page of all the relevant things you need to remember to work on that week.
  • virtual procrastination coach app, pre-installed with all our strategies, that will walk you through a productive work session and help you practice your skills.
  • 1-hour long conference call (every week) with me, the creator of the Procrastination Playbook, where you can get my questions answered
  • 1-hour long accountability and practice session (every week) where you can go through the exercises at the same time as your peers and discuss problems
  • private Facebook discussion, where you can chat with others going through the program and get feedback from your peers.
  • procrastination diagnosis test, that will tell you exactly which lesson to focus on for the week.
  • procrastination measurement test you take weekly, so you can watch your procrastination melt away.

What makes the 

Procrastination Playbook different?

Address Procrastination at the Roots

Learn how coercive motivation creates procrastination, and exactly how to motivate yourself in a non-coercive way.

Learn Specific Cognitive Strategies (Not "Hacks")

Learn the step by step movements to take your mind through that motivate you in a positive way.

Heal Your Underlying Emotions

Our coaches will use specific emotional processing techniques each week to address your underlying patterns.

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This course is a really comprehensive distillation of a lot of different frameworks and techniques, into a coherent approach.


I think it could be quite valuable not just for people who identify as procrastinators but for anyone who wants to systematically review their life to see which situations tend to get them in a tangle, and learn new approaches for untangling (and not getting into tangles in the first place).


Not shallow stuff. I'd call it a "full stack" approach.

Malcolm Ocean

Founder, Complice

For most of my life, I have had a rhythm where I would get very excited and engaged in a project, followed by my excitement waning and my ability to engage falling off a cliff. Usually I would end up spending most of my time on distractions like computer games or Reddit and doing *just enough* to satisfy whoever I needed to satisfy, at the last minute that it was possible to do this.

Since doing the procrastination playbook, I have learned techniques for reconnecting with the values I have that drive my excitement about the projects I got involved with in the first place.

I also understand better why I found it very hard to motivate myself to do other things that aren't in line with my values, and I am more inclined take opportunities to recognize when these other things are supporting my values as well.


I would recommend the procrastination playbook to anyone who believes that they chronically procrastinate and feels frustrated with themselves for procrastinating

David Johnston

Belconnen, Australia


The tools I learned from the Procrastination Playbook have completely changed how I approach my work every day. Not only making me more productive, but also allowing me to find more fulfillment in what I do."

Olivier Maas

Event Attendee

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